Mamalarky Return With Punchy Indie Rocker ‘Mythical Bonds’

"We need more songs about friendship..."

Mamalarky have shared new single ‘Mythical Bonds’.

The band have been through some changes, using the pandemic to decamp from Los Angeles to their new base in Atlanta, Georgia. Constructing a home studio in the Southern city, work began on their new album, slated to land later this year.

Titled ‘Pocket Fantasy’, the album is out on September 30th via Fire Talk, a work of unified creativity driven forwards by mutual support. New single ‘Mythical Bonds’ is a twisting, turning indie rock stomper, complete with a killer chorus.

Ambar Navarro directs the visuals, a fun-filled dive into the world of Mamalarky. Lyrically, the song is about friendship, with vocalist Livvy Bennett saluting band mate – and original Atlanta resident – Noor Khan.

I really needed to write something to accurately show Noor how much her friendship means to me, and our journey as musicians and friends,” Livvy reflects. “We need more songs about friendship. In peak album-making mode we were churning out songs, at times to the point of delirium. So we decided to shake ourselves loose and make this serotonin rock song about how much we love each other–to push past all those hunched-over studio hours and create this little summer memento.” 

At the time we were having a lot of pond, lake and pool-side hangs, laughter under the beating heat. At the end of those days all we wanted to do was come home and synthesise those feelings in our studio.”

Tune in now.

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