MAFRO’s ‘Bad Enough’ Is Deeply Powerful

But there's a beauty there, too...

MAFRO has shared his bold new song ‘Bad Enough’.

The song actually owes a debt to Connie Constance, with the pair connecting during a writing camp organised by Black British music creators. A song about roots, ‘Bad Enough’ is bejewelled in melody, but there’s a bittersweet aspect to the music.

Lyrically, MAFRO touches on his heritage, a fusion of backgrounds and different types of music. Growing up in North London, his Trinidadian mother and Irish father were infatuated by music – from soca beats through to traditional Irish music – while his sisters devoured UK garage and R&B.

All of these sounds – and more – and infused in his new single, which moves through melancholy to find a settled place of being, Talie’s guest vocals melding the track into one place.

MAFRO comments…

“Whilst I’ve previously collaborated on tracks with TSHA, Diplo and Aluna, this was the first ‘traditional’ writing session I was going to attend, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Despite me being the only ‘dance music artist’ in the camp, Connie was up for going down that route and creating a song that was both emotional and uptempo. Creating catchy melodies seemed to come to Connie effortlessly, and we actually managed to finish the demo for the song in one day.

When I came back to the demo some months later, I decided to reproduce the whole track with vocals by Natalie Palmer who’s one of many wonderful artists and musicians I have come across over the years. It was important to me that the production on ‘Bad Enough’ would not overshadow Connie’s lyrics and Natalie’s vocals. And whilst there is a real melancholy to the music and the words, the feeling of release in the chorus to me reflects the beauty or acceptance of imperfection.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Riya Hollings

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