"Like A Virgin" Dedicated To Pontiff

Queen of pop Madonna has earned the wrath of the Catholic Church once again after dedicating her song "Like A Virgin" to the Pope during a recent concert in Rome.

The singer is in the middle of her "Sticky And Sweet" world tour, and made the gesture before 60,000 fans in Rome's Olympic Stadium on Saturday (September 6th).

Madonna is not stranger to conflict with the Catholic Church, having been criticized by the Vatican after her 1989 video "LIke A Prayer" featured burning crosses and a black Jesus figure. Of course, it actually a black saint and the crosses were a reference to the KKK but let's not allow facts to get in the way of a good argument.

The singer has also staged a mock-crucifixion at a 2006 show in Rome - surely that was asking for trouble? However, it must be said that none of these go as far as former U2 support Fatima Mansions, whose frontman committed an obscene act with a model of the Virgin Mary, also in Rome.

The "Sticky And Sweet" tour is ongoing.

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