Madison McFerrin Launches Debut Album ‘I Hope You Can Forgive Me’

It's out on May 12th...

Madison McFerrin will release her debut album ‘I Hope You Can Forgive Me’ on May 12th.

The project lands this Spring, and it follows a raft of incredible projects. 2019’s ‘You + I’ marked Madison out as an artist to follow, while a string of singles have built on her remarkable promise.

Debut LP ‘I Hope You Can Forgive Me’ affords Madison a much broader palette to work from, and it’s led by the profound lead single ‘(Please Don’t) Leave Me Now’. A song about companionship, trauma, and survival, it was sparked by a severe car accident that Madison and her partner went through in 2021.

The percussion has a jazz-like flexibility, while Madison McFerrin’s timeless vocals evoke the greats – Erykah, Aretha, Lauryn – while also stamping out her own identity. Moving between guttural funk and crisp neo-soul, it’s a vivid intro to this incoming project.

Produced by Andrew Lappin, the video for ‘(Please Don’t) Leave Me Now’ was pieced together by Kemp Baldwin. Madison comments…

Being able to walk away from a near-death experience without physical harm is one of the greatest blessings I’ve received in this life. It reaffirmed my purpose as an artist. Writing ‘(Please Don’t) Leave Me Now’ became an incredibly therapeutic and cathartic experience. Being able to express that kind of fear while still creating a fun environment was key to making this song. 

Death showed up in more ways than one in the process of making this video. In the weeks leading up to the shoot, multiple family members on the production side passed unexpectedly, bringing our plans to a halt. The fate of the video was in flux. Thanks to the tenacity of my team, we were able to regroup and move forward, albeit with a delay. 

For the video, we wanted to capture the feeling of not being prepared to die. I’m talking to myself both above and within the grave, grieving both who I was and who I could be. I didn’t expect being in a grave for multiple hours in a day would affect me, but it definitely contributed to my journey in processing a near-death experience. This song and video are a manifestation of my own personal growth as not only a musician, but as a human.

Tune in now.

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(Please Don’t) Leave Me Now
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