Machine Gun Kelly Launches ‘Nun-Puncher’ Game

This will likely anger all of Christendom...

We couldn't think of anyone else we'd have saving us from killer nuns other than Machine Gun Kelly.

In a move that's most likely going to aggravate the religious community the 'wild boy' rapper from Cleveland has launched a 2D-side scrolling video game, via the Internet, where your main objective is to punch knife-wielding-ruler-smacking zombie nuns in the face.

And why wouldn’t you? They can be cruel and abusive and sometimes a taste of their own medicine is the only way they’ll learn. Why are they're trying to kill Clash's beloved wild child we don't know – hell, why are they even zombies? – we can only guess it has to do with his crazy antics which includes causing riots at in-store listening parties/promos.

Players take control of the rapper as he walks through each level punching as many nuns as possible and building up his 'Lace Up Power Punch Meter' (which, by the way, we haven’t even figured what it does yet). Players can compare their scores online on Facebook and Twitter by (hash-tagging #NunPuncher with their score).

Whilst we here at Clash don’t approve (nor do we condemn) punching nuns in virtual format or real life, we will say this is a nice min-game for you get through those drag-along days at the office, however we’re not sure your boss will approve if he catches you in the act. Also avoid playing this if you work at Christian Aid.

Click here to play the game.

Check out some screenshots below.

Machine Gun Kelly Launches ‘Nun-Puncher’ Game

Machine Gun Kelly Launches ‘Nun-Puncher’ Game

Machine Gun Kelly Launches ‘Nun-Puncher’ Game

Machine Gun Kelly's debut album 'Lace Up' is out now via Bad Boy and Interscope.

Words by Jerry Gadiano

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