Mac Wetha Links With Junior Varsity On ‘Red Hook’

"Drive safe and enjoy the song..."

London producer and artist Mac Wetha has shown a remarkable output over the last few months, a slew of acute singles – all leading up to the next, and sophomore, instalment of ‘Mac Wetha and Friends’, which he announced via Instagram not too long ago. Ahead of the project, in which details are still vague, Mac has released yet another single, the incredible ‘Red Hook’ featuring LA-based indie alt-pop rockers Junior Varsity.

This new single is the most experimental and glitchy yet, with Mac clearly homed in on more innovative sound design and production. With the heavy AutoTune and vocal stutters, ‘Red Hook’ has elements of glitch, trip-hop, but still retains Mac Wetha’s ‘digital emo’ trademark.

It leans almost into hyperpop territory with its heavy sub basses and pitched vocals, adding a Burial-esque nostalgia with the drum breaks and textures. It is the most different track yet since the first single of this new ‘era’, continually proving Mac’s ability to do pretty much anything. His passion for innovation and refusing to play by the rules constantly has him releasing some of the most uniquely produced tracks right now, and ‘Mac Wetha and Friends Vol. 2’ is shaping up to be a stellar project.

Finally, here’s a note from Mac himself:

“I’ve been a fan of the JV guys for a long time now, I got into their music around the same time I started recording my own vocals under the Mac Wetha moniker. Who knew a couple years later I’d not only have made a song with them, but also am lucky enough to call them friends. We linked up in LA last summer and made Red Hook on an extremely hot day in a very cold room. I recorded my vocals on my phone in the bathroom. The song is about car crashes; driving in LA scared the daylight out of me and I was in two very minor collisions in the two weeks I spent there. Drive safe and enjoy the song.” 

Tune in now.

Words: James Mellen
Photo Credit: Dani Monteiro

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