Lyves Shares Intriguing New EP ‘CHANGE’

London alt-soul voice comes of age...

London based alt-soul voice Lyves has shared her new EP ‘Change’.

Italian born Francesca Bergami uses her Lyves project as a space to process emotion, with her soulful musicality melding together R&B tropes in a profoundly individual manner. New EP ‘Change’ is out now, and it was constructed alongside South London force of nature Dave Okumu, a bold song cycle that displays her blossoming maturity.

Constantly seeking out fresh challenges, there’s an air of discovery to ‘Change’, with Lyves pushing her feelings to the fore. She comments: “this quote ‘Everything that you love, you will eventually lose, but in the end, love will return in a different form’ from Franz Kafka comes to mind for this project”.

The remarkable ’21 Days’ kicks off the EP, while ‘Shame’ seeks out light amid the darkness. Her song ‘The System’ is a multi-faceted offering, with Lyves layering meaning upon meaning.

She comments…

Creating this EP helped me navigate my way through loss to finding joy again. It captures that process for me, and by the end, there is a sense of relief and acceptance; of seeing more nuanced colours and shades in life, of deeper awareness and understanding the embedded beauty and vulnerability in all things – how they shape and change us, ultimately helping us evolve into the best of ourselves. What felt significant in making this project is that I learnt to release perfectionism and instead embrace authenticity. Through creating this EP, I felt like I found my voice again, I also stopped hiding.

On a practical level, learning to produce gave me absolute freedom, I just trust my intuition throughout the process and let that guide me. The novelty of it all allowed me to take risks and work with sounds through feeling, rather than any expertise or previous experience. I suppose it resulted in work that found its own sound and doesn’t confine to any one particular genre. It felt like creative play and through Dave’s incredible encouragement, contribution, and collaboration as a co-producer, I feel we were able to create something true and unique. The EP captures that time for me, the last two and-a-bit years. The songs hold an imprint of that time, which feels both beautiful and cathartic.

Tune in now.

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