Lynks’ ‘NEW BOYFRIEND’ Revels In Lustful Chaos

It's a superb return...

Lynks has shared their remarkable new single ‘NEW BOYFRIEND’.

The ultra-colourful multi-hyphenate is a real underground legend, with recent single ‘USE IT OR LOSE IT’ boosting Lynks’ profile to fresh heights. Hosting a special 6Music show alongside a plethora of festival spots, it was an eventful summer for this twisted pop provocateur.

Out now, ‘NEW BOYFRIEND’ amplifies this energy. Sitting somewhere between the witty pop of Metronomy and the brash, tongue-in-cheek adventures of Confidence Man, Lynks spins a frisky tale of post-break up lust.

Ever found someone irresistible the moment you started to say ‘no’? Well, so has Lynks – ‘NEW BOYFRIEND’ is about admitting that they are “a dog, cosplaying as a well adjusted human man… I’m not proud of it, but I also don’t think I’m alone”.

Fun, filthy, and completely contagious, ‘NEW BOYFRIEND’ hits upon an uncomfortable truth. Lynks comments…

Look, ultimately I think I’m a fairly smart, reasonable, logical young person. I’ve done therapy. I give excellent dating advice. I know that a healthy breakup is a clean breakup. No footnotes, no P.S., no post-credits sequence shags.

And yet the second I’m in the throes of a breakup, all that logic and intelligence evaporates. And I become what I clearly always was; a dog, cosplaying as a well adjusted human man. Unable to resist the stick when someone says “FETCH”. I’m not proud of it. But I also don’t think I’m alone.

That’s what this song is about; lovely, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, well-adjusted couples turning into chaotic horny monsters the second they break up.

As ever, the video for Lynks’ new single is excellent – tune in now.

Photo Credit: Mars Washington

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