Lykke Li Announces New Album ‘EYEYE’

It's out on May 20th...

Swedish artist Lykke Li has dropped a hypnotic new single to mark the announcement of upcoming audiovisual project, ‘EYEYE’. ‘NO HOTEL’ is a stark contrast to previous releases from the indie-pop artist, stripped back and haunting.

‘NO HOTEL’ is a whisper of intimacy, creeping delicately up your spine as the barren soundscape exposes the gorgeous bones of Lykke Li’s vocals. There is an overwhelming sense of vulnerability as every word echoes out, each syllable heavy with emotion.

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Shedding the skin of her previous releases, the audiovisual ‘EYEYE’ aims to reflect a sense of re- incarnation. Recorded on a $70 drum mic, no clicktracks and no digital instruments, this album is designed with simplicity in mind. The feelings sit front-and-centre, nothing dulling the experience.

Speaking on her intentions for the album, Lykke intends for it to be a hyper sensory experience, both sonically and visually. Lykke says: “I wanted the record to have the intimacy of listening to a voice memo on a macro dose of LSD.”

In terms of visuals, the impact is intended to be equally as intense. Captured on 16mm film by Edu Grau and directed by Theo Lindquist, the visuals are meant to show fragmented moments that add up to a profound sense of wholeness.

“We wanted to capture the beauty and grandeur of a three-hour European arthouse movie, while making something native to modern media,” Lykke says. “The intention is to deliver the full impact of a movie in sixty seconds on a phone screen, which is where most of our emotional experiences happen now.”

Words: Emily Swingle
Photo Credit: Theo Lindquist

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