Lutalo’s ‘PLPH’ Is An Honest Portrait Of Life In America

Their new EP is incoming...

Lutalo has shared their new song ‘PLPH’.

The track appears on their incoming EP ‘Again’, which dips into Lutalo’s lo-fi playbook. A songwriter who thrives on honesty, their lyrical touch is aligned to a certain rawness in the sonics, allowing them to express complex truths.

The full EP lands on August 25th via Winspear, with Lutalo set to play at Pitchfork Paris and Pitchfork London this Autumn.

‘PLPH’ deals directly with life in America right now, with Lutalo clearly expressing his perspectives. Picking apart authorities who young people often don’t trust, it’s a song of suspicion, one that revels in hard-won self-reliance.

“The core idea behind ‘PLPH’ is reflecting on living in the United States,” Lutalo says. “The pretty little painted house is referencing the White House, the symbol of the United States government and status quo. The song is speaking about the struggles of navigating the political structure in America as a racially marginalized person/person of lower income.”

Melodically intriguing, you can hear echoes of The Microphones, say, in their continual creativity.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Aily Zeltser

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