Lutalo Announces Debut Album ‘The Academy’

Watch the video for lead single, 'Ocean Swallows Him Whole'...

Vermont-based artist Lutalo has announced their debut album ‘The Academy’, out via Winspear on September 20th.

‘The Academy’, named after the school they grew up attending on a scholarship, and the same school F. Scott Fitzgerald famously explored throughout their work, surveys themes of social dislocation, class and the fallacy of the American Dream. Moving away from the more tranquil sounds of last year’s ‘AGAIN‘ EP and their collaboration with bedroom-pop luminary Claud on ‘Running’, ‘The Academy’ is a more subversive and grungier offering, exposing the sticky centre of Lutalo’s psyche.

With the album reveal, Lutalo shares lead single, ‘Ocean Swallows Him Whole’, which comes accompanied with an immersive visual. Of the single, Lutalo shares: “It is more widely about interacting with a place, environment, or person with preconceived intentions. Going into that interaction with the thought of ‘what can I get out of this’ or ‘how can this serve my personal image.’ This ultimately consumes their true self as a means to fit in or gain personal standing. Something that is rooted in our culture, and an observation I’ve made about how people engage with popular cities and people they project ideas on to. It makes sense given our society so I want to make it clear that this isn’t a position of judgment, simply observation.”

Self-conceptualised, Lutalo plays every instrument on ‘The Academy’ – a bruised amalgam of rock, folk, post-punk, and soul, serving as a backdrop to their literary-informed character sketches and personal reckonings.

Photo Credit: Patrick McCormak

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