Sleepy Jackson singer suffers from exhaustion

Australian 80s inspired group Empire Of The Sun have been forced to take a break after lead singer Luke Steele began suffering from exhaustion.

Luke Steele is an odd ball, that's for sure. Anyone capable of crafting the celestial rock of The Sleepy Jackson's debut album 'Lovers' can't be a full time resident of this planet, while Empire Of The Sun's debut effort was truly otherworldly.

A joint effort with Nick Littlemore, the band take their inspiration from 80s synth pop giving their music a glistening metallic sheen. The group's debut album 'Walking On A Dream' was released amid a blaze of hype, bowling over music fan's with its beserk beauty.

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After releasing the album the band took off around the world on a number of promotional jaunts, but it seems that this has taken its toll on Luke Steele. After seeking medical attention it has been revealed that the singer is suffering from exhaustion with the group set to take a break in order to give him the time to recover.

According to the singer, a whirlwind trip around Britain and American saw his weight collapse prompting doctors to advise him to take time out.

"I arrived back in Australia and couldn't find the energy to do anything. I couldn't move and I hardly ate," he told The Sun.

He added: "The doctor said I was exhausted physically and mentally. I'm now on a high-protein diet and taking shakes to build up my strength. I also go on 2km walks every morning with my wife, my daughter and my dog."

Luke Steele's original group The Sleepy Jackson last released an album in 2006, with 'Personality - One Was A Spider, One Was A Bird'.

He said: "I suddenly realised I was paying the guys in The Sleepy Jackson every month and they weren't really doing anything. I decided to move away from that for now."

Empire Of The Sun are due to play their first headline live show at Sydney's Parklife Festival on September 27th. In the interview Luke Steele joked that he asked celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey to cook at the show, and that he attempted to draft in film director Steven Spielberg to appear.

The Australian duo took their name from the Spielberg movie 'Empire Of The Sun', with Luke Steele keen to involve the director with the band.

"We've asked Steven Spielberg to fly in on a helicopter and host the event," he laughed. "His movie inspired the name of our band so we want to include him."

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