New EP 'More Heart Stories' is out now...
'More Heart Stories'

Luke Howard can't help but delve inward.

Perhaps it's in his blood. The composer moved from Melbourne to Berlin, a different country with a different cultural climate, and this no doubt had an impact.

New album 'Open Heart Story' is out now, a selection of beautifully sparse piano vignettes recorded in his Berlin apartment.

New EP 'More Heart Stories' follows this, and it dwells on matters personal, while setting these in some wonderfully frosted arrangement.

He comments: “Written at a time of introspection and self-reflection, it explores fragmented relationships, childhood memories and getting older...”

'More Heart Stories' is out now, and while each piece of particularly strong we've chosen to highlight 'Place' as its melodic perambulations seem particularly fascinating.

Always hinting with resolution but never quite finding it, 'Place' is both calming and strangely melancholic.

Tune in now.

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