New EP incoming on Notown Recordings...
Earlham Mystics

Luke Abbott has shared new music under his Earlham Mystics moniker.

The producer is readying a new EP, a fresh move from the artist whose 2014 album 'Wysing Forest' was so adored round these parts.

Deciding to use his Earlham Mystics moniker, he explains in the press note where the idea sprang from:

“There's a road near my new house called Earlham Road. I dreamt one night soon after I moved there, that I visited a shop on that road which was full of these colourful glowing eggs, about the size of the dragon eggs in Game of Thrones, but glowing with blue and white light, the shop was called Earlham Mystics”.

New cut 'Stolen Hearts' is online now, and it flutters between electronic abstraction and flashes of potent melody.

Tune in now.

Earlham Mystics' 'Truth' EP will be released on March 24th.

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