Lucy Dacus Has Covered Cher’s All-Time Banger ‘Believe’

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Lucy Dacus has shared her take on Cher’s ‘Believe’.

The songwriter’s excellent new album ‘Home Video’ landed last year, sparking an array of trans-Atlantic tour dates. Coming off the road, Lucy Dacus hitched on up at Spotify HQ, where she recorded two tracks.

Opting to return to ‘Home Video’ standout ‘Partner In Crime’, she delivers a stripped back, tender version, illuminating how the core text can change through a period of touring. She says:

“I feel like some of my favourite lyrics that I’ve written are in ‘Partner In Crime’ and maybe they aren’t as noticeable because the effect takes you out of it a little bit. So, I just wanted to strip it bare and showcase the song for what it is without any tricky production move.”

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Remarkably, she also cites Cher’s all-time mega-banger ‘Believe’ as a point of inspiration for the song – we’ve not noticed it before, but now you mention it…

As a result, Lucy Dacus has recorded her take on Cher’s peerless, vocoder’d out karaoke spectacular.

She continues:

‘Partner In Crime’ was partially inspired by ‘Believe’, so I thought it’d be nice to pair them together. I love Cher’s voice and how low it gets. The timbre of her voice is so unique, you can recognize it anywhere. Even with the autotune, you can tell that it’s Cher and nobody else.

But, on our cover, taking away the autotune, I feel like you can tell that the structure of the song is very special and I did feel myself accidentally wanting to become Cher when I was doing vocal takes. It could never happen, but I love a low voiced pop legend.

Tap in below.

Photo Credit: Ebru Yildiz

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