Luce Rushton Shares New ‘Slinky’ EP

Tune in now...

London songwriter Luce Rushton has shared their new ‘Slinky’ EP.

The artist’s pop-edged indie song has a revelatory quality, with personal truths being finely tuned across some keening melodies.

Debut EP ‘Slinky’ is out now on Sad Club Records, with Luce being part of the close-knit coterie of artists who make the label such a potent hive of activity.

Lyrically, Luce uses the EP as a space to discuss gender fluidity, and this comes to the fore on the title song. They comment:

“The word slinky reminds me of the feminine clothes I would feel so uncomfortable in and at the same time the word makes me think of how free and malleable my gender feels to me now…”

“I am more comfortable with both femininity and masculinity now in a way I never was before and there is a slinkiness between them.” 

Catch Luce Rushton playing a special headline show at the George Tavern on June 13th.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Jody Evans

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