Lorde Prepares New Single ‘Team’

Listen to it now...

Lorde has unveiled new single 'Team' – listen to it below.

Lorde's ascension as newly minted pop princess is almost assured. Hell, the New Zealand born singer's previous single 'Royals' was so damn impressive that The Weeknd stepped in to provide a stunning, sultry remix.

With a one off UK show due to take place next week, Lorde is now focussing on her next single. Placed on her YouTube page alongside a short introduction, 'Team' has a cinematic, moody side alongside some infectious pop music.

Written whilst travelling the world, 'Team' contains all the wide-eyed wonder you'd expect from a 16 year old artist who is suddenly exposed to the world.

Here's that introduction from Lorde: "I am in Paris as I release this. Every street we drive down makes my eyes pop with the most incredible things carved in stone, and gilded on pillars, and wrought with metal; the heroes and heroines of this city aren’t so hard to find. This song’s are a little more mismatched, less classic courtesans on their pedestals, but nonetheless brilliant. This song is kinda of that world, and at the same time, very much of this one. Enjoy."

Listen to 'Team' below.

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Lorde is set to play the following show:

18 London White Heat

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