Including re-workings of Bad Brains, Pixies, Jesus Lizard...

LOOM are set to release a cassette containing five versions of material by Bad Brains, Pixies, The Jesus Lizard and more.

It's difficult to know where to peg LOOM. Surveying the wreckage of a single earlier this year, Clash opined that they were: "Garage rock bathed in hallucinogenics, the grunge kids opening themselves up to a brutalist mysticism."

Which is probably where we still sit. Thankfully, LOOM have decided to open up slightly, recording a new cassette containing five pieces of music recorded by artists who act as an inspiration to them.

Out on Monday (August 19th) the EP contains a re-working of 'Caribou' by Pixies, as well as a version of 'Big Take Over' by seminal hardcore crew Bad Brains. The Jesus Lizard's 'Seasick' gets re-worked, while material from GG Allin and Warsaw (pre-Joy Division) also appears.

Check out LOOM's take on 'Big Take Over' by Bad Brains.

Listen to it below.

LOOM are set to release their new cassette on August 19th. Check out their launch show in London's Old Blue Last on August 22nd.

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