'Love So Cold' gets re-worked

Lone has stepped in to remix London wunderkind Fryars new track 'Love So Cold'.

Real name Benjamin Garrett, Fryars has been making music since his teens. Evolving into something quite distinct, his woozy, honeyed take on electronic pop caused a buzz online with those early mp3s gaining plenty of blog exposure.

Taking a short break, Fryars recently signalled his return. New track 'Love So Cold' emerged just as the thermometer began to fall, all Kraftwerk synths and scattered beats. Now Lone has stepped in to remix the track, and the results are pretty special.

Currently on a day-glo Rave tip, Lone has added something different. 'Love So Cold' is re-worked into a piece of electronic abstraction, with elements recalling the work of Warp greats Boards Of Canada.

Listen / download the track below.


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