House inspiration dies

Influential soul singer Loleatta Holloway has passed away following a short battle with ill health.

Born and brought up in Chicago, Loleatta Holloway first began to sing in church. Like so many soul icons, Holloway found the passion and inspiration of gospel to be a starting point for a lengthy musical career.

Later working as an R&B and soul singer, Loleatta Holloway earned acclaim but failed to find wider success. That is, until she was re-launched as a disco diva with singles such as 1980's 'Love Sensation'.

An enormous hit, it started a golden run for the singer. Matching up tempo disco rhythms with her powerful voice, Loleatta Holloway became an icon scoring a total of four number ones on the Club Play charts.

The disco era came to an end, with Loleatta Holloway returning to the clubs. However her cuts remained pivotal dance music, becoming an inspiration to the producers who would form the house sound.

Emerging, appropriately, from her native Chicago house soon resurrected the wailing soul diva. Searching through the crates, Loleatte Holloway was returned to the charts in unusual circumstances.

Recorded by Black Box, the seminal house track 'Ride On Time' was a UK number one hit in the late 80s. A truly epic slice of Chicago inspired production, it liberally borrowed from 'Love Sensation'.

Uncredited, Loleatte Holloway sued and won a share of the royalties. The track - and to an extent the subsequent law case - put the singer back in the public eye, where she remained for the next decade.

Scoring a number one with Marky Mark, the soul icon was later sampled by Whitney Houston, amongst others. Recently falling ill, it seems that Loleatta Holloway was not strong enough to fight poor health and passed away earlier this week.

In a statement the singer's manager Ron Richardson broke the news, sparking widespread mourning by fans.

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