Local Natives Detail New LP ‘Time Will Wait For No One’

New song 'NYE' is out now...

Local Natives will release new album ‘Time Will Wait For No One’ on July 7th.

The new album is the band’s first since excellent 2019 full length ‘Violet Street’, and represents their fifth overall. Out on July 7th, the project is dubbed a document of “metamorphosis”, with Local Natives undergoing some changes.

Recorded at a string of historic studios across LA, Local Natives linked with revered producer John Congleton to bring the record to life.

Local Natives comment…

This record was made during a time of metamorphosis for us. Former selves melting away as some of us became fathers, endured periods of isolation, loss, and identity crisis. The highs and lows we were feeling at the same time were so extreme. There was a moment halfway through making the album, we played one of the most emotional concerts of our lives. A sold out show at the Greek Theater in LA, our first performance in almost two years, but we didn’t know how we could move forward. As individuals and as a band, we were on the verge of a collapse.

Time flows on uncontrollably and change is relentless, and the people you love are the only constants. Out of that reckoning we dissolved everything down to start again, and had the most prolific period of songwriting in our history. This is the first chapter, ‘Time Will Wait For No One’.

New song ‘NYE’ is an appropriate place to start – a band on the cusp, it revels in the harmonies, the interplay that makes Local Natives so beloved.

Tune in now.


1. Time Will Wait For No One
2. Just Before the Morning
3. Empty Mansions
4. Desert Snow
5. Paper Lanterns
6. Featherweight
7. Hourglass
8. Ava
9. NYE
10. Paradise

Photo Credit: Christina Choi

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