Lizzie Reid Shares Chilled Out Single ‘Warpaint’

Indie rock with reverberating guitar tones...

Lizzie Reid has unveiled her new single ‘Warpaint’. 

A chilled-out summery track, ‘Warpaint’ is an indie rock reverie utilising interesting guitar tones and lighthearted lyrics.

‘Warpaint’ is the third track from Reid’s upcoming EP, ‘Mooching,’ due for release on August 24th via sevenfoursevensix. 

Lizzie Reid sings of the disappointment upon turning up to a party, only to find the girl she fancies is there with a boyfriend. The solution? Dance the night away. 

Speaking on the track, Lizzie Reid explains:

“‘Warpaint’, to me, is a song that says enjoy today and stop worrying about the details. There are challenges ahead but for now, live in the moment, enjoy making music and go out and experience new things.

“I feel that its story is something that most people can relate to: you fancy someone who doesn’t fancy you back! It’s not the end of the world because the relationship was over before it ever began. There’s no point in getting upset about such things. It’s a light-hearted song and it gives me a chance to let loose for a bit when I perform it live.”

The track is accompanied by a simple but joyful video of the Glaswegian singer-songwriter layering on sweater after jumper after cable-knit vest, encouraging everyone not to take life too seriously. 

Tune in now. 

Words: Gem Stokes
Photo Credit: Matilda Hill Jenkins

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