Finnish band to shoot new video
Husky Rescue

Finnish band Husky Rescue are to stream the shoot for their new music video tonight - and you can watch all the action on ClashMusic.

Music videos often seem like some vast, unknowable proposition, the sort of thing afforded to millionaire performers lounging at home on a major label. The reality, though, is that most shoots involve a lot of tedium, a lot of waiting around and a lot of Pringles. Especially Pringles.

Finland's own Husky Rescue are set to peel back the curtains tonight (Ocotber 6th) with an unusual live stream. Hosting an El Camino Records party, the band are to shoot the video for their new track 'Skin Of Snow'. In an unusual twist, their entire shoot will be streamed live.

Fusing live music with performance, the show will utilise what Husky Rescue have termed 'dream music' with audience members invited to lay down on pillows near the stage. Taking place in Korjaamo (Vaunusali), Helsinki, Husky Rescue are working with Flatlight Films on the multi-media project.

The whole thing kicks off at 9pm (British time) and you can stream it below.


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