Santa Cruz resident delivers...

The Germans, as ever, have a word for it.

'Sprechgesang' is an operatic phrase, roughly equating to a form of vocal delivery sitting somewhere between singing and speech, melody and narrative. It's a word which comes to mind when listening to Tree.

Real name Oliver Tree Nickell, the Santa Cruz resident is already a veteran of countless garage bands, psychedelic groups and even the odd dubstep project or two. Returning to his natural voice, Nickell decided to built around that which he couldn't erase.

Staying true to his roots, the results began to move in a curious direction, one which touched on each of his previous influences without ever directly referencing any of them.

Signing to R&S associated label Apollo Records, new EP 'Demons' is the most sustained level of inspiration yet from Trees. The title cut is a loose-limbed, exotic beast which recalls the dark languid rhymes of Tricky or even London upstart King Krule.

'Karma Police' finds Tree cutting apart the Radiohead classic, descending into some nightmarish places in the process. Ending with the stuttering, fluorescent, post-garage beats of 'Stuck Down The Wrong Rabbit Hole' the EP is a display of Nickell's potent virtuosity, his ability to move between styles whilst also finding his own voice.

Out on August 12th, you can listen to 'Demon' first on Clash.

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