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Throwing Snow

Throwing Snow is streaming his new EP 'Aspera' online - listen to it now.

250 birthday cards. Count 'em...

When Throwing Snow played the Clash cousin night East Not East it coincided with the producer's birthday. Rather than let this event pass us by, the team asked each member of the audience to sign their own, personalised birthday card.

It's probably a sign of the way fans connect with his music. Real name Ross Tones, the producer matches a warm, womb like bass covering with flecks of electronics which writhe and wriggle with a rare sense of intelligence.

New EP 'Aspera' is a case in point. Out on December 3rd, it finds Throwing Snow entering new climes while retaining the sparse atmospherics which made him such a stunning introduction earlier in the year. Featuring four tracks of what could loosely be termed exploratory house, you can find it HERE.

'Aspera' is set to be released on December 3rd.

1. Aspera
2. Melum
3. Lingerwell
4. Behest


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