Taken from 'No Better Time Than Now'

Shigeto has posted new track 'Olivia' taken from his forthcoming album 'No Better Time Than Now'.

Carpe diem. Seize the day. It can be easy to push other elements of life ahead of yourself, ahead of your own beliefs and desires. But it can be just as easy to simply cut your ties, move forward and realise your dreams.

Finding himself at the end of a frenetic 12 month period, American producer Shigeto decided to find some inner solace. Pouring himself into his music, the Ghostly International beatsmith crafted 'No Better Time Than Now' during this period of reflection.

New cut 'Olivia' demonstrates where his head is at. Sharing a similar ambience to John Martyn's 'Small Hours', Shigeto plays around with glitchy samples and sparse textures to craft something quite special.

Listen to it now.

Meanwhile, Shigeto has launched a new competition. Fans are being invited to use the hashtags #nobettertime and #shigeto as a ‘seize the day’ call to action across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Vine - simply reveal your secret ambition.

'No Better Time Than Now' is set to be released on August 19th.

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Photo Credit: Anthony Ciannamea


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