From their new live EP...

Savages are streaming 'City's Full' - a live recording from their forthcoming EP.

Savages are a live experience. The magnetism, the sheer chemistry which runs through the four piece isn't something you can appreciate from some shoddy YouTube clip captured on a los-res phone camera. Which is why their new EP is so vital.

'I Am Here' will be released on September 30th, and contains four tracks recorded on their recent British tour. Caught performing in hot, sweaty clubs it promises to show Savages at their most viral. This afternoon Savages pointed fans towards a record of 'City's Full' which ripples with the promise of a young band only just realising their potential.

Stream it below.- - -

'I Am Here' is set to be released on September 30th.


A1 City's Full

A2 Give Me A Gun

B1 I Am Here

B2 Husbands


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