One for the summer sunshine...
San Fermin

Magic Man has stepped in to remix rising Brooklyn producer San Fermin - check out the results below.

Outside the Clash office the sun is shining, beer gardens are filling up and big screens are showing the latest action from Wimbledon. With that in mind, we decided that something summery, something light and sunny was the order of the day.

Brooklyn based musician Ellis Ludwig-Leone records under the name San Fermin, with his high summer beats gaining plenty of online buzz. Recently signing to Downtown Records, the producer's debut album will be released on September 17th.

Lead cut 'Sonsick' is a gloriously colourful piece of chamber pop, with San Fermin piling on melody after melody to give the effect of an overexposed photograph.

Stepping in on remix duties, Magic Man takes the track in a more electronic direction but without losing the charm of the original.

Listen to it below.

San Fermin will release his debut album on September 17th. Tracklisting:

1. Renaissance!
2. Crueler Kind
3. Lament for V.G.
4. Casanova
5. Sonsick
6. Methuselah
7. At Sea
8. Torero
9. At Night, True Love
10. The Count
11. Bar
12. In Waiting
13. True Love, Asleep
14. Oh, Darling
15. In The Morning
16. Daedalus (What We Have)
17. Altogether Changed


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