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Sam Flax is streaming his debut album 'Age Waves' in its entirety - listen to it below.

A multi-instrumentalist based in San Francisco, Sam Flax seems to inhabit his own world. Listening to his music, you can detect traces of 70s FM rock, hints of long lost garage cuts and even the occasional nod towards Power Pop.

Which isn't to suggest that this is some sort of pot pourri of nostalgic influences. Rather, Sam Flax seems to de-construct each element, presenting that as how they should be - building up each song from fragments of memory. Hazy, tattered pop music early single 'Fire Doesn't Burn Itself' caught our attention. Full length debut 'Age Waves' is out now on the Sounds Of Sweet Nothing - listen to it in its entirety below.

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'Age Waves' is out now.


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