'Fly' gets re-worked...
The Child Of Lov

Romare has stepped in to remix The Child Of Lov - listen to a re-vamped version of 'Fly' below.

Well, we do love it when a plan comes together...

Romare has been hotly tipped for some time, with the Black Acre affiliated producer pursuing an inspirational brand of Afro-Futurism. Stopping past our East Not-East night last year, the producer unveiled a beautiful live show which matched fluid, continually moving music to engrossing visuals.

The Child Of Lov, meanwhile, hasn't been short of praise either. Releasing his debut album via Double Six, the songwriter has left a deep impression with his vivid, dream like brand of pop electronics.

New single 'Fly' is set to be released on Monday (May 6th) and it matches both artists. Romare has agreed to re-work 'Fly' and - if we do say so ourselves - it's something special.

Listen to it now.

- - -

'Fly' is set to be released on May 6th.

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