'Do It Again' EP incoming...

A large landmass teaming with different cultures, languages and styles, Scandinavia remains - for all intents and purposes - a fairly small place.

So in a way, it's not surprising that Robyn and Royksopp have decided to collaborate. The producers will pair up with the Swedish singer, with new EP 'Do It Again' set to be released later this year.

A five track affair, 'Do It Again' has been trailed by new cut 'Monument'. Robyn explains: "'Monument' is special to this album and to me. It's about space in time and defining oneself. Svein and Torbjorn and I were in a zone when we made it, it was like a dream. Like a meditation."

"I started going to Bergen to work with Svein (Berge) and Torbjørn (Brundtland) and after a while it just felt more natural to think of what we were making as a joint adventure more than music for our separate albums. I love them both as people and as musicians so its pure luxury to do this release together."

Stream a snippet of 'Monument' below.

'Do It Again' will be released on May 26th. Tracklisting:

'Do it Again'
'Every Little Thing'
'Inside The Idle Hour Club'

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