"There's no place like home..."

Croydon newcomer Raye is brimming with talent.

Across only a handful of tracks, the singer – still only 17 years old – has stamped out an evocative identity.

Softly hued vocals, down beat electronics and just a smattering of R&B reference points litter her work, all viewed from a distinctly London, distinctly UK vantage point.

New track 'Alien' finds Raye musing on feeling alone and dis-connected. Featuring a guest spot from Avelino, Raye introduces the track:

"The song represents how I dream to feel about someone in the future, but that someone is non-existent or hiding right now - which is why I call them my 'Alien'."

"The alien in my song is the change that I hope one day someone can show me. I have such a cold rational way of thinking about love and sharing happiness, but this song is almost like a dream I would have. Someone coming along to redefine my perspective. Alien had to be the perfect word to describe this whole feeling, because the whole idea is so alien to me." 

Check it out now.

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