Listen: Outblinker – ‘Techno Viking’

A colossal blast of sound...

Scottish group Outblinker are bastions of the DIY underground, having played numerous shows across Europe.

Finally knuckling down to record their debut album, the band travelled to the Orkney Islands, collaborating with producer Benjamin Power (F Buttons, Blanck Mass).

Expanding ever outwards, the results are colossal, with the crunching range of sonics allied to a strengthening of their songwriting.

The full album is incoming, with Outblinker ready to share their brand new blaster 'Techno Viking'.

The band explain…

"'Techno Viking' was a departure for us as a band sonically. We increasingly feel more confident embracing our poppier and purer electronic influences, yet still within the context of a live electro-rock band. It's a hard balance to find but we felt this track was the best example yet and wanted to let the world know about it."

"Wrapping all that up under a ironic title made perfect sense to us. 'Techno Viking' was the original party meme that hid a depressingly greedy and unflattering reality and this was our way of poking fun at the pretentions of break-out success and even pop music in general."

"I guess, if you look at almost anything or anyone hard enough, no matter how fun or carefree, there is usually an unflattering mess in there somewhere. And yeah that's depressing, so we just decided it would be cool to write a pure banger about it. What can I say?"

Tune in now.

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