Pieced together by Coldcut and Seven Davis Jr.
Ninja Tune Essential Mix imagery

Ninja Tune are one of the most vibrant forces in British music, a label that has fearlessly trod its own path for more than two decades.

Toasting its 25th anniversary this year, the imprint has curated a series of special releases and one off events that focus on its past, present and future.

Seizing hold of Radio 1's ever-influential Essential Mix last night (September 28th) Coldcut and Seven Davis Jr. paired up to present a guide to Ninja Tune.

Two hours of sensational music, it's packed with total gems. Coldcut:

"We wanted to represent as many of the current Ninja Tune roster as possible and also throw a couple of classics from the archives into the mix in addition to some influential and inspirational tracks."

Check it out HERE.

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