“It’s the most pop thing I have ever done..."
Natural Self

Natural Self has unveiled plans for pop-heavy new album 'Red Wire Blue Wire'.

Think you know Natural Self? Think again. The Tru Thoughts mainstay has developed a certain sound, an identity which announces itself almost from the first note. Now, though, the producer has opted for something rather different.

Working on a new album, Natural Self has opted to assume a more traditional songwriter role. “It’s the most pop thing I have ever done - it’s more pop than I ever thought I would do actually”, Nathaniel Pearn explained. “It just started happening… I had the beat, I started fooling around with the synth to get that crazy arpeggiated sound. I thought it had a cool retro-ish sound… I knew it was going a little bit pop in a way, and a big bit of me was thinking “I don’t know” … but I just did it.”

Demonstrating his intentions, the upcoming full length is being trailed by free download track 'Red Wire Blue Wire'. Opening with crackly beats, almost like a radio being tuned, the track contains a soulful vocal from Nathaniel Pearn. Building into a remarkably wonky pop document, it's a neat, concise introduction to where Natural Self is heading right now.


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