A beautiful song about facing the future...
Malena Zavala

Argentinian born talent Malena Zavala has shared wonderful new song 'Should I Try'.

Now based in London, the South American-born songwriter seems able to conjure an immense sense of mystery in her work.

New song 'Should I Try' drifts past in a haze, the dreamy pop melodies recalling Galaxie 500 or even Mazzy Star in their gentle majesty.

Underneath this, however, Malena tackles anxiety, the imposing threat of the future, and her struggle to thread a path through it all.

She explains: "'Should I Try' is a song about fearing the future, and the anxiety that comes with potentially setting yourself up for failure, but then realising that you need to relax. It's not that bad, things will work out..."

Tune in now.

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