A song that taps into 2020 ennui...

Luke Wild has shared his new song 'Everything Is So Hard' in full.

The songwriter has already lived several lives; starting as a punk-obsessed skate kid, he grew to love the vintage soul of his parent's record collection, while veering into the underground.

His debut EP is incoming, and it meshes these experiences into one potent whole, with Luke Wild truly finding his voice.

Take new song 'Everything Is So Hard'. Initially penned as a means to tap into personal self doubt, it's grown to become an uncannily accurate depiction of a sensation so many of us are feeling. Indie meets soul meets electronics, it's songwriting that feels instantly recognisable, while refusing to fall into any one box.

He recalls...

“‘Everything is So Hard’ was written before 2020, originally about the idea of younger people making their problems bigger than they are. I was driving one day and just said ‘damn everything is so hard.’ Being broke, doubting yourself, mental health etc.”

“It was written as more of a light-hearted comment, but now in 2020 it feels much more serious... but I like that. I like how it’s evolved and I wrote it for everyone to scream at shows, and also comment on after something bad happens to them to lighten their own mood.”

The first song from incoming EP 'Sunburn', you can check out 'Everything Is So Hard' below.

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