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Loops Haunt has posted a new mini mix previewing his upcoming Black Acre endorsed EP 'Zenith'.

Located in Dundee, Loops Haunt's discography is relatively sparse. Yet it's a case of quality over quantity, with the producer's blend of slumped, knackered hip hop beats, sub-bass and adventurous IDM winning widespread praise.

New EP 'Zenith' finds the producer stirring from his slumber, with Black Acre once again providing a safe haven. Out on December 3rd, 'Zenith' seems to be another blast of darker-than-darker electronics with Loops Haunt recently supplying another preview. Crafting a special mini-mix in honour of the new EP, Loops Haunt has thrown in a few influences alongside snippets of fresh material.

Stream it below, before finding a note from the producer himself.

- - -

This record was made from a lot of different things. Production wise, mainly a coupling of lo-fi unprocessed sounds and extremely processed sounds jelled together with a combination of organs, synths, tape, musical saws, nuclear sirens, field recordings and bit and pieces from my record collection.

The track "Zenith" was influenced by tracks and artists like: A Whiter Shade Of Pale, Klaus Schulze, Emmanuel Brun and Golden Brown by the Stranglers (hence the waltz/jungle crossover). The Golden Brown reference also rubbed of on "Galleon" the synths a bit like a giant ship lurching about in the sea. Most of the rest of the tracks were influenced by going through my records and listening back to various old things like Jay Chattaway's "Maniac" soundtrack and John Carpenters "The Fog", a bit of Klaus Schulze,basically lots of different old synth and sound experimentalists especially anything with a kind of macabre quality. "Heal" is the exception. I made that after the pretty heavy year that I've had for various non musical reasons, Its a bit of a retrospective song, a kind of silver lining. A bit of that runs through the whole EP. Hope you enjoy it.

- - -

'Zenith' is set to drop on December 3rd.


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