New album incoming...
'Hate' artwork

Loom have shared intense new dark-gaze cut 'Hate'.

The band's potent live show has made them cult heroes, with a series of vital releases pushing the needle to the red.

A new album is set to drop on May 19th, with Loom deciding to share new cut 'Hate' as a preview.

Shoegaze distilled down to its nastiest essence, 'Hate' is as dark as they come - a gothic My Bloody Valentine, an unhinged re-tooling of the Slowdive catalogue.

Tune in now.

Loom will release their new album on May 19th. Tracklisting:

1. Lice
2. Hate
3. Get A Taste
4. Leopard
5. Salt
6. Seasick
7. Bleed On Me
8. Nailbender
9. Barbed Wire
10. Slowly Freezing Heart

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