Soulful singer takes a UK Garage spin...
Laura Mvula

A great voice can transcend any genre line put in its place.

Laura Mvula is a case in point. Dripping in soul, her delivery leaves so much room for exploration, so much space for the imagination that she can virtually attempt any style she likes.

New single 'She' finds the Birmingham singer play it straight. Sharply defined songwriting, Laura Mvula is able to impact her personality on each track in a subtle and inspiring way.

Out on August 18th, 'She' comes bundled with a variety of remixes. Allowed to play with the music as they see fit, Jakwob, Linslee, Eagle For Hands and Robin Hannibal have stripped apart the track and re-built it in their own image.

Clash is lucky enough to be able to premiere a remix from MJ Cole. The UK Garage icon steps in on a playful re-dub, chopping the vocals for the intro before leaping into a springy 2-step rhythm for a joyous rave bounce.

It's a long from the original, but we like to think that Laura Mvula will be presently surprised at being turned into a diva for the soundsystems.

Listen to it now.

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