Taken from his new EP...

Koreless has placed new track 'Last Remnants' online, ahead of the release of the new 'Yugen' EP.

Silence can play tricks on the mind. To cope with the lack of sound, the human imagination fools itself, begins to fill in the details and create additional sounds where none exist.

It's something worth bearing in mind when listening to Welsh producer Koreless. Making explicit use of silence as an instrument in itself, his patiently constructed productions seem to seep in, clinging on to the back of your mind.

New EP 'Yugen' is out now on Young Turks, and as a try-before-you-buy style present to fans, the soundsmith has placed a new track online. 'Last Remnants' is built around a circling synth line, carefully oscillating but never quite returning to the same pattern.

Minimal in its approach, its effect can be gauged in the way your imagination approaches the track - filling in spaces, it appears much grander, more opulent than it actually is.

Listen to it now.

- - -

'Yugen' is out now.

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