Beautifully sparse recording from the English songwriter...
Johnny Flynn

Johnny Flynn has always wanted to tap into something supremely natural.

So when the Voice-o-Graph visited London, the songwriter immediately plans to use it in his own recordings.

A recording booth given a total overhaul, the extremely rare piece of equipment was set up in the front of London's ultra-hip Phonica record shop.

Johnny Flynn explains: “There’s only two working in the world and there was one in London for a time and I had a chance to have a go in it and that wavy, crackly recording on this song is the recording I made. It sounds like the old Blues records I love.”

New cut 'Heart Sank Hank' was recorded in the Voice-o-Graph, and the wonderfully sparse recording renders an antique, almost timeless feel to Johnny Flynn's performance.

“There’s a version of that song by Nic Jones that I really love,” Flynn says. “His version is really pure and beautiful and trembling with authenticity.”

Tune in now.

Johnny Flynn's new album 'Sillion' will be released on March 24th.

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