From their digital only live release...

Hookworms have shared a new live recording of The Velvet Underground's snarling classic 'I'm Not A Young Man Anymore'.

Taking time out of recording second album 'The Hum' in 2014 the band opted to host a two day event at Salford's Islington Mill. Inviting along a number of friends, contemporaries, peers and admirers, the group also aired new material.

MJ explains:

"It also marked the first time we ever played The Hum live almost in its entirety, about six months before it was officially released. Spending that whole weekend surrounded by amazing music and many of our friends has been one of the high points of the band so this is a nice way to honour and remember it."

Captured on digital-only release 'Live Vol. III', the band have toasted the release by uploading their version of 'I'm Not A Young Man Anymore'. Swathed in reverb, the yelping vocals scream for life amidst an organ swirl and that distinctive, repetitive guitar line.

Check it out now.

Photo Credit: Steve Gullick

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