Rising South London three piece...

Happyness are set to release their debut EP on January 6th.

Grunge bands are dime a dozen, right? Check shirts, bobble hats, Fender Jaguar guitars and some fuzz pedals... it's an easy mixture to piece together.

Yet a difficult one to perfect. Out of the haze, few really stand out but - given what we've heard thus far - Happyness might just be able to do that.

A rising South London trio, Happyness have that college rock sound, that sweet/sour fusion down to a tee. But there's also an originality, a sense of personality which you can't copy from a Mudhoney LP or a Lou Barlow lyric.

With their debut EP due to emerge on January 6th, the band have placed new track 'It's On You' online. It's a beautiful thing - carefree but with lyrics which tug at the heartstrings in a manner chock full of pathos and sincerity.

Listen to it now.

Happyness will release their debut, self-titled, EP on January 6th.

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