Birmingham newcomer gets re-worked...

The bed rock of dance music, the current house resurgence is as inevitable as it is inspirational.

With temperatures soaring, British artists have been able to give house music a severe overhaul. From the top of the charts to the most underground of clubs, it seems that the entire country is moving to the same beat.

A Birmingham based newcomer, Hannah Wants has what it takes to stand out. Sure, those textures and rhythms owe much to New Jersey's early 90s scene, but the sprung rhythms, the headlong rush betray a sensibility half-inched from UK garage or even bassline.

Snapped up by Rinse, new cut 'Butterflies' finds the Midlands producer trading blows with Jamie George. Pitched down vocal experimentation ensues, with Hannah Wants continually teasing, pushing the track into unexpected directions.

A four track affair, the original mix comes back with an instrumental and re-workings from Oscar Luweez and Tanka. By way of a preview, Clash are able to present Tanka's vision of 'Butterfies' before anyone else.

All cracks and snares, square elbows and bent knees, it's a jagged, funky take on Hannah Wants' production which can withstand plenty of bass weight.

Listen to it below.

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