Northern Irish group get re-worked...
The Next Life

Factory Floor have stepped in to remix Girls Names - check out the results below.

Girls Names began life as a charming, shambling collective indebted to the feedback/noise equation which drove C86. With their second album, though, the Northern Irish group opted to try something a little different.

Dense, Krautrock indebted squalls, 'The New Life' fuses their indie pop charm with a dynamic sense of rhythm. It's something which has not gone un-noticed, with a new project uniting Girls Names with a host of producers.

'The Next Life' is a remix EP which features David Holmes, Locust, The Soft Walls and Optimo. Gabe Gurnsey from Factory Floor also steps in on guest production duties, adding something quite distinct to the Northern Irish band's songwriting.

Sharp, linear techno beats with an experimental edge, you can listen to the new version of 'Projektions'.

Listen to it now.

'The Next Life' is due to be released shortly.

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