Something new from Estonia...
Frankie Animal

Frankie Animal are a new group from Estonia, part of the creative community currently turning Talinn upside down.

The band's shows are truly an immersive experience, all chopped up songs, stage presence and killer lyrics. New cut 'The Backbeat' is online now, and it's causing a stir far beyond their native Estonia.

Crisp songwriting, the crystal-clear production was handled by Martin 'Muudu' Kuut. Frankie Animal explain: "'The Backbeat' is a song of new beginnings. It was written at a time when we had to make the first real choices and decisions in our life. So in the most honest non-cheesy way, it’s about the first steps towards growing up. As a band, it was the first of the ten songs that finally made it to the album. Also the first one we'd ever written that we really felt like we had reached some other level. So in a way 'The Backbeat' was a new, fresh page for us."

Check it out now.

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