Frøkedal (Photo Credit: Julia Naglestad)
It's an icy, enticing folk-hewn number...

Oslo based songwriter Frøkedal has shared icy new folk-hewn single 'David'.

It's an enchanting return, with Frøkedal's voice managing to sound both plaintive and utterly strong.

Out now on Propeller Recordings, 'David' was seemingly the result of several discarded studio sessions, before it suddenly clicked into being.

"This song was close to not happening - several times.” Frøkedal explains. "After the final recording session I realised that I missed it’s hopeful optimism in between the other songs. I needed David to shine a little light on the album.”

With time running out the team decided to improvise, and from these chance encounters managed to craft something quite special.

She continues: "There was no more studio time booked, and no time to wait around, so I took the train out to drummer Olaf’s place, a small old house on the top of a hill. His drums are sat on a riser in the middle of his living room with a great view of the valley below. We were chatting, playing and having a great time – until the recording system broke down completely."

"We tried again the next day, I went back out there heavily loaded with my own more or less portable equipment. We played the song many times, it was fun and easy. Later that week I visited an old friend’s studio (Bjarne, drummer in Harrys Gym) and did the piano there. And my sister did the bass. I ended up spending a lot of time with people I really appreciate doing this track - and that fits the song very well."

Tune in now.

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