Wirral producer returns...
Forest Swords

Forest Swords has posted new track 'Thor's Stone' online - check it out below.

Reclusive, mysterious, inscrutable. Forest Swords rarely gives interviews, and plays live even less, but his intense, brooding brand of bass led electronics has found a rabid following.

2010's collection 'Dagger Paths' virtually exploded with new ideas, sitting somewhere between Morricone, Shackleton and Autechre.

Well, now he's back. Posting a brief message online, Forest Swords confirmed plans to release something on Tri-Angle later this year, before pointing fans towards new cut 'Thor's Stone'.

Rhythmically far more complex than anything he has attempted thus far, the sound and execution feel one level beyond 'Dagger Paths'. The stretched vocal samples and corrosive noise nod towards shoegaze, while those forbidding textures and Industrial edges remain in place.

Check it out below.

Forest Swords is set to release new material on Tri-Angle shortly.


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