Plus, the producer explains a little about the track...

Foodoo has the breathless ambition that only the young possess.

Still only 18 years old, the producer has already caught the attention of everyone from Gilles Peterson to Zane Lowe.

Packed with colour, debut EP 'Yours' arrives next month and it could well soundtrack your summer. New track 'Help Me' is online now, matching Rustie's sense of maximalist funk to delirious synths worthy of Flume.

Foodoo explains a little how 'Help Me' came about.

This track started with the sample, which is from the middle eight of Joni Mitchell's song 'Help Me', which is also where I got the title of the track... Whenever I'd listen to that song the middle eight really stood out and I could hear a whole other song just from that part, I had to build a beat from it.

I wanted to take the message of falling in love and the relaxing feel of her song, and make it my own. The harmony of that section just works so well whatever tempo or genre, and I feel even though my track is upbeat and energetic, it still has that chilled out feeling to it thanks to the chords she used.

So, like most tracks I make where a sample is the main focus, I'll get it into a sampler and try making a rhythm with it. With the 'Yours' EP I've actually used the rhythm heard in 'Help Me' over a few of the tracks, and I feel it ties the tracks together nicely. Then I wanted a driving bassline to match the sample, which I feel gives the track a lot of its energy, along with the busy drum pattern. These three parts were the basis of the track and where I'd structure the rest around.

I wanted to have a couple strong melodies to accompany the sample and beat, the first of which I came up with on my guitar. I let that melody sit in the background of the track while the second melody, that comes later, is more prominent.

- - -

Check out 'Help Me' below.

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